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Direct Dental Staffing

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Our Story

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Posted by Rochelle Visser on December 5, 2016 at 10:45 PM

A business transaction is considered mutually beneficial when two parties are both gaining something out of the exchange, but wouldn’t you know it – we’ve found a three-way win! Thank you for a year of winning with us!

In 2016, 79 subs were sent out to 90 different offices for more than 1,200 working days!

DENTAL PROFESSIONALS WIN: There were 77 ladies (and 2 gents) that gained valuable experience and work in the dental field, 20+ of which got hired in to permanent jobs through DDS!

OFFICES WIN: 90 offices had rescued days when production would have been halted and patients’ days abruptly changed, but instead business could run smooth and efficiently thanks to many outstanding and flexible subs!

DIRECT DENTAL STAFFING WINS: Thank you for another profitable and growing year. We aren’t ashamed, this is a victory story of a small business that is alive and well and as always we praise the Lord for His blessings.

EVEN MORE WINNERS: Financial and volunteer support was given to non-profits that make a difference in areas of education, community building, and life! And let’s not forget the various individuals and organizations depending on tax funding that have been paid out because of honest business dealings.

You might think it’s just another day of scraping teeth…..but when you partner with Direct Dental you are creating winners all around! Thank You!

Posted by Rochelle Visser on September 30, 2015 at 11:25 AM

We are thankful that Direct Dental is growing - and thankful that we needed to expand the help!

We created DDS to make it easy to find subs, and for subs to find jobs, and so that Brittni and I could spend less time trying to find work and more time doing the work we love. Well, we were getting so busy trying to piece together office hours around our existing hygiene jobs and other community efforts that pieces were falling through the cracks. Honestly, no one wants to call and leave a message to be returned by me in between patients at work. (Sorry if you were one of the ones who was on a fuzzy phone convo with me because of my terrible multi-tasking).

We decided, if we're going to do this and it is going to keep growing, we are going to do it right! (Kind of like when we decided to use actual computer programs in the early days instead of our "home-office" solutions every small business started with). So we are doing it right.......

Introducing our new Staffing Coordinator: Sarah Brittan!

Aside from being beautiful, Sarah brings business savvy, professinalism, and one of the friendliest personalities to the table!

Much like us (Rochelle and Brittni), Sarah started her own business with her best friend about a year ago. They were awesome at coordinating events and putting together the perfect look for photo-shoots and weddings, so they made it their profession and created Grand Occasians, a company that turns ordinary weddings into WOW moments by handling the little details! Having a wedding soon? Check them out at But this isn't about weddings, it's about the perfect fit that Sarah works on her business during evenings and weekends and wanted to put her skills to work mid-week and be involved in another growing and thriving local small business, so she has jonied us here at DDS!

Sarah will be managing the staffing coordinating Mondays-Thursdays - so if you're calling or emailing for a sub in your office most likely you will be talking with Sarah. Hygienists and Assistants will become best text friends with her as she does her best to fill up those schedules and as you report your hours back (watch out, she's a night owl... she'd ask for your hours at 11pm if I didn't stop her). :)

Brittni will be continuing to conquer the CFO role as she handles accounts payable and receivable and works on the business end. I guess that leaves me as the CEO...or at least the website blog updater.

We're happy to be serving over 75 dentists in the Greater Grand Rapids and Greater Detroit Area, and excited to see how we will grow in the next year! We're thankful for the many excellent hygienists and assistants who are working with us to make sure those dentists are covered out there! Althought we get excited about these fun times in business, we know that no blessings come aside from the Lord and ultimately THANK HIM for blessing our efforts and enabling us to serve Him! We hope we can effectively be a help to you, whether you are looking for work as a RDH, RDA, or CDA or looking to FIND workers as a Dentist or Manager of your practice.

Life is good! ~Rochelle

Posted by Rochelle Visser on November 22, 2014 at 11:20 PM

"West side is the best side!" Everyone knows that West Michigan is one of the best (if not THE greatest) places to live and work. Downtown GR, the beach, great skiing, country living and city life all within reach, who would ever want to go anywhere else? Well...Brittni did...and about 45 million other people who already live and work in the Greater Detroit Area.

Here at Direct Dental, we are proud of the fact that we are a local small business started by working hygienists trying to make work in the dental field simple. We aren't big shot corporate gurus sweeping in to market another service that no one really needs, so why are we now offering service clear across the state? Because Brittni just moved clear across the state. This fall, Brittni finally caved in and bit the bullet. She said goodbye to freedom and hello to housework---and got married! CONGRATS BRITTNI- this means ( for her)- a great choice, wonderful husband, happy future....and for me....goodbye best friend and room-mate, big screen TV, and favorite pair of brown boots that I always borrowed. Brittni's fabulous husband, Ty, works for Wayne State University in Mid-town Detroit, and they live just north of the city. Since DDS was primarily operated by the two of us, that makes for some changes and decisions.

As far as hygiene goes, Brittni was back to square one....hunt around for hygiene jobs that are hard to come by when you don't have connections, or start making connections and giving the East Side the comfort of knowing they are covered. She chose #2 so she could support her husband in his job but still do the work she loves of hygiene, and Detroit is already thanking her! Brittni is taking the same staffing model and personal approach that has been working so well here in GR over to the East Side. We are now offering last-minute subs, vacation & maternity leaves, and Helping You Hire for both hygienists and assistants in and around Detroit, Northville, Livonia, Ortonville, etc...

It's still us....a small business that wants what is best for hygienists, assistants, office managers, and dentists who want to be connected. We still will make the calls at 6:00am to get a sub to your office, and we still work to find quality subs.... we're just doing it from two places now.

If you're from GR and love working with Brittni, don't worry...she's still doing the office managing for both sides of MI, commuting back to the GR base bi-weekly while subbing herself and getting the East Side set up.

And don't worry about me....I got a new pair of brown boots to replace the ones I always borrowed of Brittni's, I decided I don't need a fancy TV, and we're still best friends....why did we do all this work in the first place? So we can have some flexibility in scheduling and work when and where we want to, we're hiking the Grand Canyon this February! If you can't get a sub come March, it's probably b/c we didn't make it out....

All in all, you get the best of both worlds: Small Business personal service where we know you and meet your needs personally, and the quality of work that comes from a growing business doing things right, from the beaches of Lake Michigan to Mo-Town itself, we've got you covered.

Posted by Rochelle Visser on January 31, 2014 at 5:05 PM

Sometime's it's hard not to be selfish. For example, when an office wants to hire our best sub, and we just let them go. No wage garnishing, no buy-backs, just happy offices and happy hygienists,and more work for me!

Helping You Hire is a service that is rapidly growing in Direct Dental. Offices looking for a hygienist or assistant call us and tell us what they are looking for. We send a few girls that we think fit the bill. It's fun to match up personalities and experience with what the Doctor is looking for.

How it works is this: Offices will have a couple (or a bunch) of girls sub and fill in, almost like a working interview, but sometimes the hygienist or assistant doesn't even know it's an interview! When they decide they like someone, they give them another try. When they are ready to hire they let us know, and they get connected with their sub. If both parties agree to the plan, the hygienist or assistant works for 7 more days as a sub through Direct Dental, then they start right in as an employee of the office that hires them. And if you don't want to wait, there are options for that too!

It's really nice for the offices because they don't have to sift through a million resumes and make 500 calls to line things up, someone just shows up and they decide if they like them or not.

It's EXCELLENT for the hygienist/assistant. They are simply on a sub list and tell us what they want, and before they know what happened they are getting offered a job.

It STINKS for us, because we do a whole lot of hard work to get really good subs, and then they get pulled out right from under us! When Mandi got hired, it hurt. She was our go-to girl that could work whenever, wherever, and for whoever.

So why do we do it? Because we are here to help. We want what is best for both the girls working with us and for the offices we service. We know if you are happy and satisfied, you'll tell your friends! Also, it's great to hear the excitement of some of these loyal girls who have been so flexible in subbing to get a great job that they will love.

Not everything in business has to be done to make a buck and get ahead, sometimes it's just nice to watch the pieces come together, and it's good practice in sharing, too!

Posted by Rochelle Visser on January 17, 2013 at 9:30 AM

We often get asked "what made you want to start a subbing business?" It's not because we like waking people up at 6am to tell them to hurry up and get to work. We saw a need, and are now filling it.

When we graduated from FSU in 2008 there were no jobs, at least not anywhere near full-time, to come by for new hygienists in Michigan. The only hope was to pass out 100 resumes all over town and hope and pray someone would call. Eventually they did call, but how many times was it on the ONE day that I had plans I couldn't break, or I'd miss the call because I was in the shower and then be too late to get the work. So me and my college room-mate from hygiene school moved south to Virginia to get some job experience.

On the flip side: When I'm working in an office and I need a day off, or a fellow RDH gets sick and we need a replacement, the only place we had to turn to was the black-hole file of well-meaning hygienists who dropped off their resume in the last year. So began the drudgery of going through the sub list. Once in a while we'd jack-pot and get a good girl after only 5 or 6 calls, but more often than not it was "the one day I had something scheduled I can't miss" or we'd hear "I was in the shower and didn't hear my phone." As patients are close to walking into the office panic starts to set in.

The obvious solution: One stop resume dropping for hygienists and one-call subbing for offices. Brittni claims it was her idea, but it spawned from me being the good-guy and trying to line up needy offices with friends I knew were looking for work. Why not streamline?

What do we get out of it? Not much for now, but we're too blessed to want any more. In the start of Direct Dental the thought was that if we got enough offices calling, I could send myself and have the flexibility to keep the job I love working with kids at summer camp, then just work hygiene in the off-season. Both of us have a passion for telling people about the real reason to live, forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ, but the electric company and grocery store still like to get we needed some income. Since the start of DDS in 2011 we've both landed great jobs with flexible dentists who allow us the scheduling shifts we need to work at Camp, Bible Club, Mission Trips, etc...who would have thought?!

So what's the next step? Continue providing excellent service to give other hygienists the flexibility we sought, and take a lot of headaches away from dentist and office managers who have better things to do than make 30 calls on a Tuesday morning. As DDS grows, it gives us more flexibility to do what we really love. Not that saving the world from periodontal disease isn't important, but kids out there need to know that Jesus loves them! And He loves you too, if you want to know more about what we do or about how you can be sure you are going to Heaven when you die, just ask...that's really why we are here!

Posted by Rochelle Visser on January 17, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Whether your a hygienist looking for work or an office manager wanting to know you will get a quality sub, here is an inside look at how we choose our contracted hygienists.

It's easy, when we interview we are looking for Quality, Committment, and Character.

Quality often comes from experience. Sometimes that is hygiene experience, other times work in general. Don't burn your bridges because references are a powerful tool in the working world. We check back with offices regularly to make sure things are running smoothly. Since we are working hygienists ourselves, we know what it's like to work with subs and what our clients are looking for. Get the calculus and plaque off, stay on schedule, help out in sterilization, be friendly, and don't tell 17 stories about offices you subbed in once....let your hard work convince them you're a keeper.

“The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” -Vince Lombardi. As graduates of Ferris State University, we at DDS know they don't just give out diplomas and licenses, so getting this far shows a level of committment, but it goes beyond the title and paper hanging on the wall. We look for hygienists who will return calls, even at strange hours. Someone who is willing to move their dog-grooming appointment or miss out on their lunch-date shows they are committed and want to work hard.

Money can't buy you character. By sitting down and talking to hygienists, we can get a feel for who they really are We trust them to be honest with their hours, giving the Dentist what they pay for. We want someone who will represent each office well, as well as Direct Dental. Cutting corners never really helps in the end, as our wise dental pharmacy professor, Sandra Burns, always said "Hence, you are only cheating yourself." Don't try to be someone else, do your best and admit when you've made a mistake, the character you build will be a valuable asset down the road.

The right person or the right job is going to come along. Don't waste your life wishing you were somewhere else, just make the most of every opportunity. And as they say in Colossians 3:23 and at Camp Michawana, "whatever you do, do it with ALL YOUR HEART!"